#2 Tipsy Haze

Cocktail Thoughts by Jeannette Goon, August 2019

August went by in a flash! With all the things that have been going on, I almost didn’t get around to writing this. What was your August like? Hit reply and let me know.

Do you ever have those months when it feels like you blinked and it was over? August was that for me.

Besides working on getting several projects off the ground, I also got the chance to work behind the bar several times this month (including at an event). Making five drinks at one go for actual customers is a balancing act in itself. At the event, playing cashier and assisting with drinks was a whole other ball game.

In the midst of all that hectic activity, there’s a certain kind of peace. My brain shuts off in a certain kind of way and my body takes over. There’s no room for overthinking or letting your mind wander — my whole being was centred on taking orders, calculating the total and collecting payment, then jumping to help out with the drinks. It was magical.

It it weird that this is my version of therapy?


I’m always on the lookout for stories about/behind classic cocktails. This piece about the Jack Rose was informative. My recent visit to some farms (including pepper and roselle) in Sabah got me thinking about how gin is made. I’ve been curious about canned cocktails since 2016, as well as canned wines. Would you drink these out of a can?


Bar Trigona, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur [The Bar Awards]

Since I’ve been working on a host of other pieces, I haven’t been doing as much drinks writing as I would like to. But stay tuned and stay hydrated!

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