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Cocktail Thoughts by Jeannette Goon, July 2019

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At the end of this month, I would have worked at a bar for 10 months. And what started out as dabbling has become an obsession. There are days when I feel like learning to bartend has saved my life.

When I first started work at the bar, I was broken — recovering from a business fallout, sorting things out through lawyers, and attempting to rediscover what my career path would look like.

At the time, whisky neat was my typical choice of drink, the only spirit I thought I liked. It turns out, the world of spirits is vast.

And when you mix them into cocktails, when different spirits and liqueurs and bitters play together, you give them whole new dimensions in flavour.

A cocktail is more than a drink. It’s an experience.

I’ve learned that when creating a new drink, bartenders think about the finer details, beyond just flavour. What glassware to use, how the drink smells when you first lift it to your mouth, what emotions you feel when you take that first sip.

I’m discovering that cocktails are only one small part of the immense, breathtaking world of drinks. And I’ve been totally spirited away into it. I hope to share more of my adventures with you.


I’m curious about the sober curious. This bag for booze is right up my alley. Always on the lookout for big batch cocktail recipes (invite me to your parties). Quora is simultaneously a hoot and a valuable resource. This manga series is aptly called Bartender.


Five local ingredients that add complexity to cocktails [Thirstmag]

Hopefully this list will be longer in future missives! Will probably experiment with formats too. Until then, stay hydrated!

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